The most important hour is always the present;
the most significant person, precisely the one
who is facing you right now;
the most necessary work is always love.

Meister Eckhart

In Ptyches we believe…

in the lifelong learning, psychological and spiritual growth and search for meaning, as an innate human need, capacit, right. Various philosophical and psychological theoretical systems, modern research on the effectiveness of psychotherapeutic process*, as well as clinical experience, teach us that the substantial way to psychosomatic and spiritual well-being and balance, passes through the cultivation of a befriended relationship with the Self.

Τhis path, however, is often not unobstructed, as the inevitably transgenerational traumatic experiences, loss and multifaceted distressful conditions in the course of life, may have lead to experiencing the self as fragmented, as an inhospitable place· full of fears, distress, anger, anxieties complexes, weakness.

How can one turn actively with gentleness, knowledge, patience, courage and empathy - as perhaps he/she would obviously do it towards a helpless child - towards his/her own vulnerability?

In the safe context and course of the therapeutic process, the opportunity is offered to the interested client, to come into a felt sense contact with the healthy and competent, as well as with the maybe less welcomed, difficult aspects of personal history. Given their own active participation and engagement in the treatment context, an empowering therapeutic processing may be stimulated, encouraging gradual reconnection with the Self in its unity and variety. From a basis of enhanced self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-care, the possibilities for functional and satisfactory relationships and interactions can also be redefined.

Having such an orientation as a map, and with the therapeutic methods of Integrative Somatic oriented Psychotherapy and Trauma Therapy, we regard this path of embodied self-awareness and creative exploration, as the meaning and purpose of the therapeutic experience.

* Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy Research

Curriculum Vitae


Integrative Psychotherapy – Trauma Therapy
Systemic - Psychodynamic - Somatic Approach

Ζοe Paradomenaki Schillat Dipl.-Psych., ECP, EuroPsy, grew up in Athens. After graduating in Psychology from the University of Heidelberg, she continued her education and certification as a psychotherapist in Germany, where she worked for 25 years in public counselling and clinical organizations, as well as in private practice. Throughout the course of her education, clinical psychotherapy practice and supervision in complementary methods and humanistic body mind approaches in the broader context of Psychodynamic, Systemic and Somatic Psychotherapy, (Analytic Curriculum Vitae) she has been led to Integrative Psychotherapy and especially, since 2003, to Integrative, somatic oriented Trauma Treatment (Somatic Experiencing®, Neuroaffective Relational Model™). She is a member of German Psychotherapeutic Associations, of the Association of Greek Psychologists (AGP), former Vice President in the Administrative Board of the National Organization of Psychotherapy in Greece (NOPG) and holder of the European Certificate of Psychotherapy ECP and of EuroPsy.

Relocation being one of her significant life experiences, she is inspired and encouraged on her personal and professional path, by the common and the different in interpersonal relationships, by dialogue and synergy between science, art and meditation in everyday life, as well as in the psychotherapeutic field, by the wonderful worlds of archetypes, kinesthesia, rhythm, silence and solidarity.




Ιn PTYCHES the following are offered:

Counselling - Psychotherapy - Trauma Therapy

  • Individual Sessions
  • Couple Sessions
  • Experiential Groups for Self-Awareness and Personal Growth
    (Adults, Teens, Children)

Supervision for Mental Health Professionals

Experiential Training

Trauma Therapy


Illness is the Freezing of Love.
Warm up the Frozen.



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